Remembering Robin Williams

What is Right in the World Today is that Robin Williams lived. 

I was so sad to hear of the ending of Robin Williams’ life.  Then I smiled as I remembered his smile, his laugh, both contagious, both full of mischief.  He would have wanted us to remember the good.

Like the vast majority of people mourning his passing, I knew him on stage, in film and the voice of many Disney films. I loved his humor, his quick wit and his acting.  I did know that he struggled with mental illness and addiction.  I did not know him, but I wish that I did.

I thought of the movie, Aladdin and how I once heard an interview where Disney had a script that was nothing like the end result.  Robin Williams started to read the script, and then he began to improvise.  Disney tried to rein him in; alas they could not–they let him continue.  The result was rapid fire genius.

I watched him in more serious movies and admired his versatility and talent.  He poured into each a piece of himself and the results were real and raw.  I wonder if he could ever fathom how many people he touched in his life.  Interviews that I saw were always of a humble man.  I wonder if he knows how many people laughed, how many cried and the legacy that he would leave behind.

He continues to reach out to us, sharing an intimate portrait of his struggle, putting a face to mental illness and allowing it into the light.  The stigma is lifting, but it still exists.  Perhaps because of this tragedy someone struggling today will reach out for help, saying, “Me too.”

Unfortunately we lost him too soon, but a quote from him reaches from beyond and offers hope. “You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to.”

Rest easy Mr Williams.





What is right in the world?  The Roomba.

For those of you that do not know what this is–its a robotic vacuum.  Its been around for awhile and I suspect that the reason that everyone does not own one or three of these gems is because its difficult to believe that this could actually live up to one’s expectations.

Now if you spend some time with my daughters’ and ask what vacuuming around our house was like, they would regale you with stories, some true, others likely have been embellished with time.  At some point in the telling, they would inform you that they were afraid of the vacuum because I was never happy when I used the device.  This last point is true.  I always felt that I was being taken advantage

I have two hairy dogs and two equally hairy cats and it seems as though they spend the better part of every waking moment shedding.  I own a Dyson and while it works well, it requires my input.  I hired a cleaning lady, and initially she did a good job, though this  required my husband and I spending the better part of an evening prior to her arrival tackling the hair in the house.  Later her work was less than stellar so we let her go.  Her parting comments, “there is too much hair.”  She couldn’t keep up either!

I was at Costco and there was the Roomba, the price was reasonable so I loaded it into my cart.  I thought that it was likely a mistake.  On the contrary it has been one of my best decisions.  My daughter’s each own one now and I’ve been busy spreading the word.

The Roomba exceeded my expectations.  It knows not to fall down the stairs, it untangles itself from cords and returns to its mother ship to be charged.  It goes under furniture, moves from hardwood to carpet and then to tile with ease and is on a cleaning schedule that only initially required my input.

Thanks to the Roomba I have the commodity of time on my hands.  Time to read, plan and do anything other than vacuum.  Roomba– it is what is right in the world today.

How many of you knew about this gem?  What else has saved you time?  Please share.



What is Right in the World Today


There is much that is negative in the world.  It seems as though it is always the bad that gets press and the good is just not newsworthy.  I’ve noticed though on Christmas day the good is finally reported, but for the other 364 days we fill our minds, our souls and our hearts with sadness.  Each day it wears us down, each day it takes something from each of us.

We need more positive in the world.  I’m not suggesting that we look at the world through “rose colored glasses,” but rather look to find the good in the world every day.  This is a challenge some days for certain and other days it will seem as though its difficult to pick only one thing.  Here is the best news of all, we do not need to limit ourselves, but rather write down or think on the all that is right in the world.

We are so very fortunate.  Most of us have enough to eat, enough clean water to drink and a roof over our heads.  We have the ability to speak up and out and are not censored or persecuted for our beliefs.  We have laws that protect us, healthcare that is affordable and safe structures.  Generally, we can go to a grocery store and have choice. Most of us  can fly across the province, country, or world safely and easily.

We have choice and free will.  We can change ourselves, our circumstances, our surroundings as we deem necessary.  We have access to courses, careers.  We can learn a second language or a third or more.  We can choose to try harder or to adjust our sails and try again.

Draw inspiration from others’ around you.  If we take the time to really listen and understand we are humbled.

Take the time today to look for what is right in the world today!