Such an amazing year we had, climbing Kilimanjaro, going on Safari, relaxing on the beaches of Zanzibar, seeing the Northern lights and mushing a dogsled. What’s next? I muse as I sift through the thousands of photos that chronicle our year.
Europe is on the list for 2015 and yet seems so far away, too early to plan.

Then it happened, a group of friends 12 to be exact are running the New York Marathon and now John and I will too.

My training began yesterday with a 5km run. Today I’ve read every word of the Runners World magazine and last night I fell asleep searching for fancy new shoes.

I ran this race in 2006 and generally never do the same thing twice and yet this will be different and the same. I’m running and training with my husband and our Kilimanjaro friends and enjoying the same tour of New York City.

Life never ceases to amaze me, with its twists, turns and curve balls. I never imagined this until we said yes and perhaps that is the best advice? Say yes, and figure the details out later.
Hang on tight, your life is waiting.