Half a world away

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.


He was born while we were half a world away. We were sitting on the steps of the hotel in Moshi,Tanzania waiting for our certificates to prove we climbed Kilimanjaro and refusing to board the bus to begin our safari until we had the signed certificates.

I sat with my phone clutched reading text messages from our daughter describing her contractions and shouting out the information to our Kilimanjaro friends and responding back to her that we were all excited and wishing her well. The labor progressing our chief worry was whether we would need to board the bus before the birth. If this baby did not hurry up, we would have to wait another week.

I wait for her response, nothing. I text again asking if she’s okay, nothing. Then a text arrives, “its a boy!” I shout, our group cheers.  I wait for the photo to follow.  I wait an eternity and then it arrives.  The photo moves me to tears.  I stare into the face of our newest grandson and weep, tears of joy that the ordeal is over for our daughter, that the baby has arrived safe, that he is perfect in every way.  My husband shares the photo and openly weeps, his tears contagious.  A joyous moment forever etched in our memory.