Mentors along the way


The definition of a Mentor is a trusted and experienced advisor. In essence someone who has been there and done that. 

Life for me is like a road with convoluted twists and turns.  It is not always possible to see what lies just ahead. The many forks in the road leave only one choice open though it’s difficult to choose. The road behind me has clarity though as time passes, memory fades.  Today holds promise, where a seemingly benign decision can change the course dramatically. It’s a wonder we ever put one foot in front of the other.  We all need a Guide, a Mentor to help us find our true North, our path, our destiny. 

I think of the Mentors in my life as folks who were slightly farther down the path beckoning me onward providing me with a glimpse into what lies ahead and a smoother route to get there than the route they took. Their life experience has been invaluable as I navigate the path and avoid pitfalls and potholes

I think of my Mentors as voices from behind, words and advice given long ago that whispers it’s message, then shouts when ignored. These voices are the loudest during times of growth and inevitable change. 

I think of the Mentors of my life as the men, women and children who have walked beside me.  We chat about our experiences, hopes and dreams. Mentorship is a fluid concept as we share the reins and lead or follow depending on the situation that presents. We nudge each other ever forward. 

There are times when the path is only wide enough for one, uncharted territory. As I trudge through the overgrown terrain, careful of my footing and forge a path that few have travelled I glance behind and shine light on the path so others can follow. 

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