Hunter and Evie’s trip to the Bahamas

Hunter and Evie were lucky. They got to go to the Bahamas. They were a little bit scared.

Hunter and Evie had never been on a plane before. Evie had some problems going through security. His insides had the airport people puzzled. Dad explained lizards to the Security people and luckily Evie was able to join Hudson without surgery.

Hunter and Evie ate at the restaurant and sat at the tall table. They looked out the window and saw the big planes. Emma and Hudson were excited. Soon it was time to get on the plane.

Emma was surprised when the plane did not blast into the sky and she wondered if the plane would drive to the Bahamas. Soon the plane was flying way up in the clouds and very soon a small tiger and a lizard were fast asleep.

When Hunter and Evie woke up, they were in the Bahamas. Emma told Hunter how much fun she had playing in the sand and building sand castles.

Hudson told Evie how much fun he had playing in the surf

Hunter and Evie were happy to hear about the Bahamas but they wanted their own adventure. Hunter talked to Evie and together they made a plan. Evie and Hunter knew Emma and Hudson would be surprised.

They waited one day until everyone left the room then magically they began their adventure.

Evie wanted money and luckily Dad left some behind.

Evie was thirsty and drank a coke all by himself. He grabbed Hayden’s switch and started to play.

Hunter reminded Evie the plan was to see what Emma and Hudson have been seeing rather than being wild. Hunter was excited about seeing everything!

Hunter had seen the boats from the balcony. He could not wait to see them up close!

Hunter and Evie went for ice cream first. Of course, Hunter had tiger tiger ice cream. Evie picked Rocky road ice cream because the name made him think of the hot rocks he loves to lay on. They sat at the ice cream table and ate their ice cream. It was so yummy! They went outside a found a fancy bench that made them think of ice cream all over again!

There were so many fun things to do, like sliding.

The boats were so big. Evie wondered if $3 was enough to buy a boat for Emma and Hudson.

Hunter and Evie tried out the scooters and zipped around the Marina. It was a cool way to see everything fast.

Hunter sat in the wall and looked at the resort. There was so much to do and see. Evie found a hot rock and soaked up the heat.

Hunter loved the rope bridge. Evie tied him up and pretended he was a lizard pirate.

Evie climbed the rope bridge.

Hunter and Evie played on the rocks.

They had their picture taken at the love swing just like Emma and Hudson.

They swam in the pools and even went down the slides. The serpent was their favourite.

They found some beach towels and a chair and wrapped up snuggly warm after the pool. They soaked in the hot tub too. Evie said it was warm but not as warm as a toasty rock.

They both went down the lazy river. It was super fun when they hit the rapids. They used a double tube so they could ride together.

They went to predator lagoon to see the sharks. They were scary but the Nurse sharks were too full to eat a lizard and a small tiger. Whew, thank goodness!

Hunter and Evie found the sea. They loved hearing the waves break against the shore. They relaxed on the beach chairs, ordered a drink and relaxed.

They walked along the beach. Well Hunter walked and Evie slithered. It was good they were low to the ground for collecting beautiful shells.

Evie and Hunter were so excited about their day out. Very soon Hudson and Emma would come back to the room, luckily they were back in the room before Emma and Hudson arrived. They could not wait to see Emma and Hudson’s surprised faces!