A challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.”  Why did I choose the title of my blog?


I chose my blog title name as it encompasses my core belief and need to surround myself with positive. I’m not a Pollyanna and do know from first hand account of touching the centre of my own sorrow and rising out of the ashes like a Phoenix reborn. I know from a  career that has seen me witness to great sadness, at times more than a life can endure. I learned early that dwelling on the negative, sadness my soul, makes my heart heavy and does little else for myself or people around me.

The media is brilliant at focusing on angst, suffering and sensationalistic news bites coupled with photos that are etched in our minds forever. My blog was started as a way of continuing to find the silver lining or if no silver is to be found then to search for more and at least find copper and share with all who read my words.

i survived 27 years in healthcare with my heart intact and my soul only slightly tarnished. I took photos of beautiful things to combat the ugly. I surrounded myself with beautiful souled people and learned. I looked into the eyes of a child struggling and saw hope.  I have spent time with people on their last days of life and learned what truly matters when the trappings of life are stripped away.  I learned to focus on the positive and to accept life as it is and not what it might be in some long distance future which may never arrive. I am fortunate.

i look at life through a child’s eyes of wonder and amazement and at my best treat each day as new with a clean slate. I never remember negative and only remember the positive of any encounter  For certain, some interactions the memories are scant as only the good remains.

I do know each of us is fortunate. Where there is breath, there is hope, life and endless possibilities. I suspect there are others more fortunate than myself, though I do not know the intimate details of their lives  I only know what I can see and what they tell me, both are suspect  I suspect there are people worse than me, though they likely have gifts that I do not possess and they do not see their life as a hardship, they see others strife as worse than their own. We can choose this or the alternative.

What is right in the world today?  Everything!  I challenge you to look and see with wide eyes and wonder. I challenge you to only keep the best and to trash the worst. Look.  The good is always there sometimes you just need to look closer.

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Writing and photography are my first and second loves and thanks to technology I have the ability to share with a larger audience, including family and friends. Gone are the days of lugging around photo albums after a trip and of keeping a written journal of the experience that only I would view. The days of the handwritten letters are gone, but blogging provides a chance to share ideas, thoughts and photographs with a few mouse clicks and to receive instant feedback from around the world. It provides an opportunity to research a new place and to see that place through the eyes of a multitude of people each with their own unique way of viewing and experiencing the world. It opens the world wide and allows us a front row seat. Blogging connects us and creates a family of support. It provides an outlet and a chance to perfect the craft of writing and story telling. When I sit in my living room drinking my coffee and see that someone from another part of the world has read my words, and then I read theirs, the world is much smaller and more attainable. We are more alike than different as we share uniquely human experiences. Once I had a dream of becoming a Journalist, but somehow life got in the way. I currently have a fantastic career in healthcare and know that I have made a difference so I have no regrets. Still, I wonder if there is time to explore the road less travelled?

2 thoughts on “A challenge”

  1. In every dust covered, ugly misfortune there always seems to be a diamond or silver lining as some may say……we may never experience it in our lifetime, someone else surely will experience it!


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