What is Right in the World Today


There is much that is negative in the world.  It seems as though it is always the bad that gets press and the good is just not newsworthy.  I’ve noticed though on Christmas day the good is finally reported, but for the other 364 days we fill our minds, our souls and our hearts with sadness.  Each day it wears us down, each day it takes something from each of us.

We need more positive in the world.  I’m not suggesting that we look at the world through “rose colored glasses,” but rather look to find the good in the world every day.  This is a challenge some days for certain and other days it will seem as though its difficult to pick only one thing.  Here is the best news of all, we do not need to limit ourselves, but rather write down or think on the all that is right in the world.

We are so very fortunate.  Most of us have enough to eat, enough clean water to drink and a roof over our heads.  We have the ability to speak up and out and are not censored or persecuted for our beliefs.  We have laws that protect us, healthcare that is affordable and safe structures.  Generally, we can go to a grocery store and have choice. Most of us  can fly across the province, country, or world safely and easily.

We have choice and free will.  We can change ourselves, our circumstances, our surroundings as we deem necessary.  We have access to courses, careers.  We can learn a second language or a third or more.  We can choose to try harder or to adjust our sails and try again.

Draw inspiration from others’ around you.  If we take the time to really listen and understand we are humbled.

Take the time today to look for what is right in the world today!



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Writing and photography are my first and second loves and thanks to technology I have the ability to share with a larger audience, including family and friends. Gone are the days of lugging around photo albums after a trip and of keeping a written journal of the experience that only I would view. The days of the handwritten letters are gone, but blogging provides a chance to share ideas, thoughts and photographs with a few mouse clicks and to receive instant feedback from around the world. It provides an opportunity to research a new place and to see that place through the eyes of a multitude of people each with their own unique way of viewing and experiencing the world. It opens the world wide and allows us a front row seat. Blogging connects us and creates a family of support. It provides an outlet and a chance to perfect the craft of writing and story telling. When I sit in my living room drinking my coffee and see that someone from another part of the world has read my words, and then I read theirs, the world is much smaller and more attainable. We are more alike than different as we share uniquely human experiences. Once I had a dream of becoming a Journalist, but somehow life got in the way. I currently have a fantastic career in healthcare and know that I have made a difference so I have no regrets. Still, I wonder if there is time to explore the road less travelled?

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